Behind the Brush: Freelance Makeup Artist Guide to Business

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Everything Eyes

Professional Techniques * Essential Tools * Gorgeous Makeup Looks (Bobbi Brown)

240 reviews
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An Introduction to Make-Up

Brushes: A beginners guide to Make-Up Brushes and their uses. An essential part of every girls virtual Make-Up bag!

4 reviews
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The Essentials On Skin

And Dermatology : A guide to know almost everything about the skin and better understand why and how the dermatologist treats you

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Eye Makeup Application Guide

How-to, Tips and Tutorials (Master the Art of Makeup Application Book 1)

15 reviews
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75 Ways to Braid, Pin & Accessorize Your Hair

14 reviews
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Complete Guide To Using

Your Makeup Brushes: Tips and Tricks From A Licensed Professional

8 reviews
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Your Ultimate Guide to

Makeup Brushes: Beginner's Guide to Basic Makeup Brushes and Different Types And Their Uses

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Makeup Tips & Tricks

Tutorials, Trends & How-To's - BOOK: 100 Makeup Tips, Makeup tutorial for beginners

7 reviews
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How Simple Make Up

Manuel Tips Best Solutions Could Help You Change Your Life in 30 Days

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